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*In a nutshell:*
Date: Tuesday, January 28th.
Time: 18:30 - 20:30 (theoretically)
Location: Booking.com, Herengracht 597, Restaurant on 5th floor.


* Philippe Bruhat (BooK) - Programming Slides *Every time I write slides I
want something different, and each time the tool I used previously does not
quite fit the next talk. After having used plain HTML, Magic Point, S5,
LibreOffice Impress, and PDF::API2, I'm probably settling on PostScript for
some time.

* Sawyer X** - *
*Perl and the Web - A Love Story *
In the beginning of the great kingdom of the Internet, there was one ruler:
Perl. With time, fallen from grace, the beautiful princess language lost
its place on the throne, giving way to Ruby, Python, and to the dismay and
horror of everyone in the kingdom, PHP.

 But all is not lost. While underground, Perl has schemed a plot to
overthrow the competitors. That plan is Plack/PSGI.

 Interested in knowing more? Attend the talk, if you dare!

*Lightning talks round! *

 Please let me know if you're interested in giving a short lightning talk
(up to 5 minutes).
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