[AmsterdamX-pm] NLPW::2014::Utrecht --- the Dutch PerlWorkshop registration is open

Theo vanHoesel theo at perlworkshop.nl
Wed Jan 22 13:05:08 PST 2014

After long hours of preperation (and many more to come), the website has been launched for the Dutch PerlWorkshop 2014 at:


It would be wonderful if this workshop will indeed bring together as much Perl programmers and developers that live or work in the Netherlands ... that is especially true for you, those that partake in the AmsterdamX.pm

For your concerns, it might be interesting that contrary to what it used to be 'preferable dutch', the language during the day and evening will be 'English when possible'.

I am excited to announce that there will be international speakers!

So, a few things I would like you to do:

1) register! as usual - or signup first if you have not done so yet

2) submit a talk 20or  40 minutes or a lightning talk

3) tweet, blog, like and talk about this inspiring event that needs you to be there!

Theo van Hoesel

Perl Workshop organiser
AmsterdamX regular
(not missed once)

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