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Ricardo Signes perl.abe at rjbs.manxome.org
Fri Nov 30 14:43:32 PST 2012

* Will <staticphantom at gmail.com> [2012-11-30T17:18:55]
> I've been reading the mailing list for a while and I finally am in the area
> long enough to say hi and meet up with with everyone on the 12th.

Cool, see you then!

> I would also like to open up an invite for a talk that we at MakeLV (
> http://makelehighvalley.com/) are currently in the planning stages of
> hosting a talk with a semi-local and prominent member of Arch Linux on ARM.

Sounds cool.  I keep meaning to make it over to the Hive, but I don't drive, so
it's sort of a pain.  That said...

> The talk will most likely be centered around the Raspberry Pi however other
> platforms will be mentioned. If anyone is interested in these tiny and
> cheap linux machines please send me some feedback so I may relay prefences
> to the speaker.

...cool!  Quite a few of my colleagues in the UK have picked up raspberry pis
and seem quite pleased with them.

> Another reason why I am writing the list is too see if anyone would want to
> be involved or have old hardware to donate to our Open Stack project at our
> hacker space (located at 905 Harrison St. Allentown, PA).

Boy, I wish you'd asked about 18 months ago... but I'll see whether there's
anything lingering in my closet. ;)

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