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Will staticphantom at gmail.com
Fri Nov 30 14:18:55 PST 2012

Hello everyone,

I've been reading the mailing list for a while and I finally am in the area
long enough to say hi and meet up with with everyone on the 12th.

I would also like to open up an invite for a talk that we at MakeLV (
http://makelehighvalley.com/) are currently in the planning stages of
hosting a talk with a semi-local and prominent member of Arch Linux on ARM.
The talk will most likely be centered around the Raspberry Pi however other
platforms will be mentioned. If anyone is interested in these tiny and
cheap linux machines please send me some feedback so I may relay prefences
to the speaker. The time has not been set yet for the talk but we do know
it will be on some Saturday in December.

Another reason why I am writing the list is too see if anyone would want to
be involved or have old hardware to donate to our Open Stack project at our
hacker space (located at 905 Harrison St. Allentown, PA). We don't have a
clear objective for the project but the motivation behind the project is
that we feel it would be cool to build our own cloud. Once again, send me
some feedback if you have hardware, interest, or wisdom to share in

If anyone is interested with Make Lehigh Valley we have a mailing list to
subscribe too if you wish located on the site.


-Will Christensen
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