I'm going to YAPC

Chip Salzenberg rev.chip at gmail.com
Thu May 30 18:42:28 PDT 2013

I'll be at YAPC 2013.  Reports of my staying home were greatly exaggerated.
 (By me, but don't let that confuse you.)

I'm hoping for a design-a-thon aspect to the hackathon time.  *Not*
language design, mind.  High-level bikeshedding about sigils and regexes
must be left behind, or at least left for later.  The various
reimplementation projects in play aren't tied to those things.  The
questions at hand lay in *how* to implement things, with no handwaving
allowed, and looking at the consequences of those decisions.  I'm thinking
whiteboards, coffee, and determination.  With those, all kinds of neat
things might happen ... and they probably will.

I suppose I'll attend a talk or too as well, as long as I'm there.  :)
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