RFC: YAPC Code of conduct up on github?

Dave Rolsky autarch at urth.org
Mon Mar 25 09:38:57 PDT 2013

On Mon, 25 Mar 2013, Jason Van Patten wrote:

> Recent studies have shown that focus on the punitive reactions to repugnant 
> behavior is less effective at repressing that behavior than promotion of 
> positive behavior. Perhaps it would behoove the community to establish a 
> protocol for the recognition of admirable actions in a very public way. In 
> effect create incentive for companies who send employees to conferences to 
> encourage dignified behavior for a shot at getting their name promoted 
> instead of the socially deplorable affiliation achieved by the employers of 
> certain attendees of PYCON.

I'm not sure what you're really proposing. The majority of attendees never 
violate the CoC.

What are "admirable actions" that go beyond having civil, respectful 
interactions with your fellow attendees?

But I guess I look forward to receiving a trophy or plaque that says 
something like "in recognition of not being a tool" ;)


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