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Stephen Scaffidi will give a talk at YAPC::NA_2012 described as:
     How many times have you written your own routines to filter a file
     in-place? Maybe you just wrote a ‘quick routine’ to generate
     permutations… or parse CSV… or compare dates and times…
     How about handling command-line options? Do you write your own code
     for logging? reading & writing from pipes? Daemonizing processes?
     Make HTTP requests? You have? *AREN’T YOU A CLEVER HACKER!*
     Other people have already written code that does this stuff better
     than yours.
     Are you still building and parsing filesystem paths with regexes? FOR
     Have you been writing code to manipulate URLs? Dates and times?
     Extract data from JSON? XML? *HEAD ASPLODE*
     Sure, there are reasons to do this stuff yourself, but face it,
     they’re all bad.
     This will be a whirlwind tour of some of the best little gems on the
     CPAN, and a few things in core as well. There’s a lot of good,
     fast, well-maintained and well-tested code out there that can make
     using Perl much easier, faster, more maintainable, and just plain
     awesome. This is the stuff that helps keep you from creating stupid
     bugs, writing horrible hacks, making a mess of your environment and
     just generally irritating yourself and those who have to debug your
     code later.
     While there’s always MTOWTDI, I will mostly discuss smaller,
     “focused” modules that provide essential functionality with
     minimal overhead (where possible). These are the modules that you can
     reach for on a daily basis, whether you’re writing quick one-offs
     or mission-critical systems.
[From the YAPC::NA_Blog.]
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