[yapc] Exceptional Exceptions

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Sun Mar 18 01:00:07 PDT 2012

Mark Fowler will be giving a talk at YAPC::NA_2012 described as:
     This talk attempts to be the definitive guide to current state of
     exception handling in Perl
     This talk will cover:
     Â  Â * The concept of exceptions and exception flow control
     Â  Â * throwing errors with die
     Â  Â *** The final newline oddity
     Â  Â *** autodie
        * eval (it’s pronounced ‘try’)
     Â  Â *** The two forms of eval
     Â  Â *** Dealing with errors
     Â  Â *** How this sucks
     Â  Â * A note about %SIG handlers
     Â  Â *** CGI::Carp
     Â  Â * Throwing Blessed Objects
     Â  Â *** Rolling your own exception class
     Â  Â *** Handy exception object classes on the CPAN
     Â  Â * The DESTROY problem on legacy Perls
     Â  Â *** Why this problem occurs
        *** How it’s solved on Perl 5.14 and later
     Â  Â *** Bad workarounds
     Â  Â *** Perl::Critic::Policy::ErrorHandling::
     Â  Â * Alternative syntax
     Â  Â  *** Try::Tiny
     Â  Â  Â *** TryCatch
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