[yapc] Migrating an Enterprise across 14 Perl Releases

YAPC::NA Director admin at yapcna.org
Fri Mar 2 01:00:02 PST 2012

Steffen Mueller will give a talk at YAPC::NA_2012 described as:
     Booking.com is the world’s leading online travel agent for hotel
     reservations. It is a wildly successful enterprise that was built
     with Perl at its heart. The company’s IT team runs millions of
     lines of Perl code on thousands of servers.
     In this presentation, we will outline how we migrate(d) one of the
     world’s biggest users of Perl across 14 stable releases of Perl
     from 5.8.5 to 5.14.2, why we did that, what bit us, and what we
     learned from it.
[From the YAPC::NA_Blog.]
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