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Go to WI-30 -- 151 (East Washington Ave) is under construction for the 
couple miles from the exit off the interstate.

If the traffic isn't bad, it won't matter too much, but if the traffic 
is bad, the construction would be a real pain.

Even without the construction it is often easier and quicker to go 
around on 30, due to traffic around East Towne mall and the businesses 
along 151 as you come in.  Just watch the exit from 30 to 151/E 
Washington, it kinda sneaks up on you and is a hard right turn (it's 
just past the Fair Oaks exit after you go under the bridge).  Never fear 
if you miss it, just stay on 30 to Packers Ave, which (when taken South 
-- left) winds a bit at first (and changes names a couple times), but 
comes right down to the University (becoming University Ave).

Any time that isn't winter is construction season around here, and 
several major roads are under construction.  If you're coming from the 
South (via 12/18), Fish Hatchery Rd is completely closed, take Park St 
(likely what map software would give you anyway).  Coming from the West, 
University Ave is under heavy construction (1 lane each way with few 
turn lanes), if you're unfamiliar, probably best to take 12/18 around to 
Park St (12/18 is under construction part of that way, but it's less 
harrowing, especially in the dark).

City of Madison construction info (no map -- did we lose a war??): 
State of Wisconsin construction info (useless map): 
(Seems like the City and State info are begging to be hacked together in 
to a useful map of some sort..)


PS, right at the moment, Google is suggesting taking the exit to 51 
(which intersects with 151) when you're coming down from the North, 
which is surprising to me, but would also avoid the construction on 151 
(in exchange for construction at the interchange.)

On 6/11/12 8:38 PM, Scott Hildreth wrote:
> Does anyone know if it is "more better" to exit at 12-18 west to 151 North or
> take 90 to WI-30 West to 151 South (Google Map's Directions)?
> Thanks,
> Scott
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