I’m very pleased to announce that Double Prime has decided...

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I’m very pleased to announce that Double_Prime has decided to sponsor YAPC::
NA_2012. Here’s how they describe themselves:
Founded over 10 years ago to support an eCommerce initiative from a new client,
Double Prime, continues to evolve and grow. Today, with a team of 80+
engineers, project managers and designers and over 150 eCommerce websites in
25+ countries, we have established ourselves as a leader in customized
international and domestic technology solutions.
Our core technical and corporate philosophies have proven successful in the
highly competitive world of eCommerce. What we hold true:
    * Creating solutions to meet and exceed your expectations  
    * Customizing our development around your requirements  
    * Personal and frequent interaction with our team  
    * Simple and efficient technical implementations  
    * Partnerships are critical to building and growing success
[From the YAPC::NA_Blog.]
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