[yapc] The YAPC::NA 2012 Job Fair and Expo Hall has sold out! We have...

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Thu Apr 12 09:00:04 PDT 2012


The YAPC::NA_2012 Job Fair and Expo Hall has sold out! We have 20 exhibitors at
our expo hall who will be looking for people to fill their Perl jobs. If
you’re looking for a job, or are thinking that it might be time to make a
switch, then the YAPC job fair is going to be an excellent place to gain some
first-hand intel on some prospective employers. 
The YAPC Job Fair will be held at the Pyle_Center on Thursday, June 14th from
Noon to 4:30pm. It is free to both YAPC attendees and the general public. We
hope to see you there!
[From the YAPC::NA_Blog.]
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