[yapc] voting over, lets discuss

Jeremy Fluhmann fluhmann at gmail.com
Mon Jun 16 03:07:08 PDT 2008

As it stands right now, Pittsburgh is still in the lead on votes (1220).
That's not a big difference.  I realize YAPC starts today, but I'd like to
give a last opportunity for comments/discussion.


On Fri, Jun 13, 2008 at 12:28 PM, Jim Brandt <cbrandt at buffalo.edu> wrote:

> My vote came out almost equal, with a nudge toward Columbus. The reason it
> edged that way, I think, was my vote on the estimated cost. It wasn't the
> cost itself, but I was surprised by the sparseness of the budget information
> in the Pitt bid. I know we don't provide guidelines, but the Columbus bid
> had much better cost breakdowns with estimates per attendee, etc. The Pitt
> bit didn't even total everything up.
> I think both groups are capable, but I do have a concern that the full
> budget picture isn't there in the Pitt bid.
> Also, I really liked the Columbus groups idea for working with local
> businesses.
> Jim
> Jeremy Fluhmann wrote:
>> Okay, so it looks like we have all the votes we're likely to get between
>> now
>> and YAPC.  To view the results, visit
>> http://www.petekrawczyk.com/tpf/vote/results.cgi.
>> According to the voting, it's Pittsburgh over Columbus, 19710 to 18370 (a
>> difference of 1340).  Does anyone have any discussion items they'd like to
>> cover before we crown the winner?
>> Jeremy
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