[yapc] Rental car: nice to have, or just a nuisance?

Shawn Carroll shawn.c.carroll at gmail.com
Sat Jun 7 16:24:58 PDT 2008

Ditch the car. Most anything you want to see or go will be accessible
via the el or bus.

On 6/7/08, Trey Harris <trey at lopsa.org> wrote:
> In 2006, I didn't have a car, I flew into Midway, and stayed at the Club
> Quarters in the Loop.  I didn't miss having a car--it would have been a
> nuisance, staying downtown--and the only time I even thought a car would
> have been handy was when I missed a couple talks I wanted to see because
> there were lunch excursions off campus that took too long by train.
> Now I work at a company that's booked me a rental car just as a matter of
> course.  Since it's covered, cost isn't really a factor, and I certainly
> don't mind just parking it and leaving it, and still using the train when
> everybody else does.
> This time I'm flying into O'Hare and staying in the dorm.  My flight
> arrives at 2pm on Sunday, and leaves at 12:30pm on Thursday, so traffic is
> probably going to be about as good as it ever is.
> So, what would folks recommend?  Cancel the car, or keep it just in case
> it comes in handy?  (I haven't seen the answer to the question about
> whether there's direct CTA from O'Hare, so I guess the answer to that will
> help answer this.)
> (And if I keep the car, do I need to buy new Chicago-area maps for my GPS
> for this trip?  Its maps are about two years old.)
> Trey
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