[yapc] Rental car: nice to have, or just a nuisance?

Trey Harris trey at lopsa.org
Sat Jun 7 14:21:27 PDT 2008

In 2006, I didn't have a car, I flew into Midway, and stayed at the Club 
Quarters in the Loop.  I didn't miss having a car--it would have been a 
nuisance, staying downtown--and the only time I even thought a car would 
have been handy was when I missed a couple talks I wanted to see because 
there were lunch excursions off campus that took too long by train.

Now I work at a company that's booked me a rental car just as a matter of 
course.  Since it's covered, cost isn't really a factor, and I certainly 
don't mind just parking it and leaving it, and still using the train when 
everybody else does.

This time I'm flying into O'Hare and staying in the dorm.  My flight 
arrives at 2pm on Sunday, and leaves at 12:30pm on Thursday, so traffic is 
probably going to be about as good as it ever is.

So, what would folks recommend?  Cancel the car, or keep it just in case 
it comes in handy?  (I haven't seen the answer to the question about 
whether there's direct CTA from O'Hare, so I guess the answer to that will 
help answer this.)

(And if I keep the car, do I need to buy new Chicago-area maps for my GPS 
for this trip?  Its maps are about two years old.)


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