[yapc] yapc housing - apartments

Ricardo SIGNES rjbs-perl-yapc at lists.manxome.org
Sun May 20 05:40:27 PDT 2007

* Dave Rolsky <autarch at urth.org> [2007-05-20T01:37:47]
> I think I might like to stay here. I already signed up for housing via the 
> website, and I assume that's for Oberholtzer Hall. I'm not quite clear on 
> how Cullen Oaks works. Would I be sharing an apartment or is it a single 
> for $35/night? If it's a single I would definitely prefer that.

...I also signed up for housing via the website, but all I've received is a
receipt telling me I donated to TPF.  I'd feel a lot less nervous about where
I'm staying if there was some sort of notice sent out that said, "Don't worry.
You're getting this because you paid for housing in the dorms and your name is
on a list that says you'll have it."


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