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America is, of course, two continents.

One of my major bugbears, countries that claim the title for  
themselves to the exclusion of all others. Same thing is happening in  
Europe, were countries that do not join what used to be known as the  
common market will not be in Europe ... I'm not sure if they'll be  
considered part of Asia or Africa or maybe they'll identify  
themselves with Atlantis


On 18-May-07, at 3:16 PM, Beth Skwarecki wrote:

> On Fri, May 18, 2007 at 03:07:48PM -0400, Michael Peters wrote:
>>> drop the city name. Say, america.yapc.org/2007 .
>> I agree in principal except that "america" is not a continent :)
> Funny, I thought that too. (cf. http://yapc.org/America/)
>>   na2007.yapc.org
> Much better.
> -beth
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