[yapc] Hackathon Preparations: Wireless Access

James Keenan jamesekeenan at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 27 05:53:49 PDT 2007

In order for the Thurs-Fri hackathon to come off well,
we need to clarify some questions concerning wireless
net access:

1.  What is its status in the room in the Multipurpose
room in Oberholtzer Hall?  Will we be using a UH
wireless network directly?  Or will we have to plug an
access point into the wired circuit and broadcast the
signal ourselves?

2.  Will we need UH logins in order to get online?  If
so, will that be the named login and password that
dorm residents (at least) got when checking in?  And
will those logins still be valid on Thursday and
Friday?  Or will we be "UHGuest"s?

3.  In the conference center, setting up our own
access points has been invaluable in terms of
providing SMTP, ssh and IRC, none of which are
directly available on the wired access here in the
dorms.  Will we be able to set that up in Oberholtzer?
 If so, of people who will be around Thursday and
Friday, who has the equipment and who has the

Thank you very much.
Jim Keenan

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