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Fri Jun 15 14:09:28 PDT 2007

On 6/15/07, Clyde Forrester <ccf3 at mindspring.com> wrote:
> Yes, and when they say things like
> "Real chili ain't supposed to have beans in it."
> I hope y'all'll keep that in mind.
> They take that sort o' thing real serious.

I almost said "folks from Cincinnati should take special note," but I'm
guessing folks from Cincinnati are probably already aware most normal folks
think they're a little confused about their chili. (Us normal folks call
Cincinnati chili "spaghetti sauce." Ground beef, no beans, you put it on
spaghetti... yup, spaghetti sauce. Normal folks also call Texas chili "Texas
chili" or "chili, no beans," or occasionally "OMGWTFBBQ! Water!  What's IN

Okay, um... Cars!  We were talking about cars!

Hmm. I've not been to Houston... ought I be taking the KU Jayhawks license
plate frame off, or will the Kansas plates cut us some slack? (If I was a
*real* Jayhawks fan I'd probably already know, but to be honest we only have
it because (1) stupid plate rattled and (2) our son picked the frame because
his favorite uncle works for KU and taught him to say "Go Jayhawks!" at an
early age.)
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