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On Jun 15, 2007, at 4:09 PM, Karen wrote:
> I almost said "folks from Cincinnati should take special note," but  
> I'm guessing folks from Cincinnati are probably already aware most  
> normal folks think they're a little confused about their chili. (Us  
> normal folks call Cincinnati chili "spaghetti sauce." Ground beef,  
> no beans, you put it on spaghetti... yup, spaghetti sauce. Normal  
> folks also call Texas chili "Texas chili" or "chili, no beans," or  
> occasionally "OMGWTFBBQ! Water!  What's IN this?")

Yes, speaking as someone who grew up in Cincinnati, we are quite  
aware that most normal folks are indeed confused about their chili  
(not ours)*.

Heck, one of my favorite high-school jobs was working for Skyline  
Chili(tm), cooking up vats of chili, industrial-sized tubs of  
spaghetti, shredding large containers of cheese - and my personal  
favorite, filling a 1.2 cubic foot tupperware container of finely  
diced onions, diced manually.

* All kidding aside, all it takes to get your "Cincinnati style"  
chili** with beans is to order either a four way with beans (so that  
means no onions) or a five way which includes both.

** Maybe _that's_ the word I should've put in double quotes..

- -Kent Cowgill

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