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Wed Apr 4 17:30:23 PDT 2007

On 4/4/07, Uri Guttman <uri at stemsystems.com> wrote:
> also jeremy, 20 rooms at that rate will likely go fast. you may want to
> try to book more of them. the better room, private bath, convenient
> location, etc are attractive to many who can afford it.

I agree.  20 rooms is what they offered me over the phone (15 is what the
contract they sent me shows).  I'm giving their sales manager a call back
tomorrow morning during office hours to see if we can get more rooms.  I
have a list of a few other hotels that are within 4 miles of the university
that I will call to see about a group rate.  I plan on getting a shuttle
service or something to run between whichever hotel it is and the venue.

side questions: can you buy the meals plans if you don't stay in the
> dorms? is the cafeteria(s) in the dorms or closer to the conference
> center?  also last year the meal plans were on credit card thingies and
> you didn't really buy complete meals (we were told to do that) but
> credit which you used in many ways on campus including meals. this seems
> to be a common thing on many campuses now so some accurate info on this
> would be a good idea. many overbought credit because of that and either
> wasted money or donated it to the hackathon which bought munchies with
> them. a related issue was that we had a dedicated cafeteria room to use
> but they weren't prepared with enough cashiers (credit or cash) so the
> lines were very long at lunch. just things to learn from previous
> yapc's.

I'll put together some information on dining.  UH offers a Courgar1 Card
which is a declining balance card (similar to last year).  We haven't
included this in the registration option for a few reasons.  If people wish
to go the Cougar1 Card route, we will probably handle those separately.  The
venue has a food court, but might run into some problems with the volume of
people.  We are looking into using the catering at UH for lunches.  Again,
I'll get some more detailed information together and out to everyone.

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