[yapc] Elevated trains? What will they come up with next?

Kent Cowgill kent at c2group.net
Fri Jun 23 10:51:17 PDT 2006

Yeah, I think that route is already on the wiki as the advisable way to
get from midway to IIT.

I followed the CTA bus advice through an unknown neighborhood once.

Transferring busses in a ghetto was not fun - the next bus was nowhere in
site, and instead of standing around like an idiot, I started walking and
finally caught a bus 5-6 blocks later.   I'm still amazed I was left alone
- I think I was wearing somewhat nice dress clothing carrying a leather


On Fri, 23 Jun 2006, Clyde Forrester wrote:

> Kent Cowgill wrote:
> >HOWEVER, ask a local if a particular route is advised.  Punching in going
> >from Midway to 3300 S. Federal advises to get off the orange line at
> >Archer, and waiting for a bus.  I would avoid this route as it has you
> >standing around with all your worldly traveling possessions in a
> >not-so-nice neighborhood.
> >
> I call BS on the CTAs advice.
> The GREEN line and the ORANGE line share some stations up near the loop.
> I'm hazy on the specifics, but it might include ROOSEVELT. If so, take
> the orange to Roosevelt, and transfer to a southbound (mumble 63rd)
> green train to IIT. MUCH, much easier than "Oh, catch an obscure bus or
> something".
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