[yapc] arrival dinner final count

Uri Guttman uri at stemsystems.com
Thu Jun 22 11:12:17 PDT 2006

as of this moment, we have 96 + 6 probables signed up for the arrival
dinner. i told goose island that we will have 100 guaranteed people at
this event. most likely we will have a few more with walk-ins. note that
if there isn't enough food (unlikely with buffets) for the walk-ins,
they will have to starve since they didn't sign up. or they could order
off the menu in the main restaurant. or they can join the anti-arrival
dinner (whereever that may be held! :).

in any case this should be fun. you will have fun. or else you won't. as
socialist czar i guarantee it!

and remember BRING CASH!!! credit cards are NOT fun to use in large
groups like this.

i will post/wiki soon about travel logistics to goose island so stay



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