[yapc] arrival dinner herding

Uri Guttman uri at stemsystems.com
Thu Jun 22 14:42:21 PDT 2006

if you have ever been to a yapc arrival dinner, then you have
experienced the thrill that is herding hackers through the rolling
plains in a major city. so here is my super sekrit plan which you will
tell no one else lest they actually arrive at the arrival dinner. can i
trust you not to leak?

we will meet in the lobby of one of the dorm's (which one is better for
this?) before 6pm on sunday june 25 (that is 3 days from now!!). we will
leave IO::Promptly at 6pm and migrate to the nearest redline El stop
which is not far. we will need pathfinders who know the way and ropers
to keep the stragglers from getting lost in the many deep river
crossings. we can arm you with sharks with laser beams (every herder is
given a laser courtesy of stonehenge!). we will get on a redline train
and take it to the stop nearest goose island (the one for wrigley park
as goose island is near there). we detrain (learning python counts as
detraining) and go on a long forced march (about 4 blocks) to goose
island. we should be able to herd you all over there by 7pm. there is
little leeway for error. if you do not follow the herd you may be
exposed to the real world which can be very painful. so stay near your
fellow mongers on this trip.

after the arrival dinner, you can join the anti-arrival dinner crowd in
their anarchist revelries! you can crawl or EL your way home or
elsewhere on your own. we have the room from 7-9pm but they will not
shoot you if you dawdle. they just request you crawl over to the main
bar area or outside at a reasonable time.

good news on the payment setup. josh is going to pay for the whole thing
as a yapc expense so we don't pay sales tax (9+%!!). yeah for josh! but
this means we have to pay josh (or rather yapc). so we be selling (goose
island required) wristbands at the door to the room for $30. this should
cover everything (we got hit with a $75 server fee for the
bartender/waitron since we didn't order a drink package). but we don't
have to pay the sales tax. $30 might be a touch over the total bill so
you can either donate then extra buck or two to tpf (hey we can make a
profit on the arrival dinner!) or you can be a cheap bastard and ask for
your refund. and we won't announce the names of anyone asking for a
refund! and if we have some laptops there (gosh, think there might be
one or two in this crowd?) we can accept payment by credit card to the
tpf donation site. but cash will still be better and easier. another
reason for the $30 figure is to keep it easy :).

and remember, you will have fun or else!

your chairman of the federal yapc reserve fund,


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