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Thu Jun 15 13:08:08 PDT 2006

Just another note:  I've wandered (even staggered) around those areas 
later at night and ridden the El at all hours and have never run into 
anything close to trouble.  Usual 'big city' ideas - don't be stupid (stay 
out of back alleys or unlighted streets, don't try to conduct an illegal 
transaction w/ parties unknown etc.), aggressive or real drunk by 

Yes, people do get mugged (even here in Madison) but I wouldn't be hiding 
in the dorm by sundown because of it.  Looking at:

The "busiest" block had 2 thefts in June (yes, 2 reported thefts) at 9am 
and 3pm and 2 for the month of May.  So its not like gangster-ville or 


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