[yapc] arrival dinner voting

Peter Jirak jira0004 at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 15 10:25:28 PDT 2006

Hi all,

I like the idea of doing something fun and social
before the conference begins early on Monday. 
However, my flight does not arrive into O'Hare until
8:20 PM on Sunday so the arrival dinner is out.

I am not planning on renting a car; I've found that
having a car in Chicago is inconvenient.

I am staying on North Halsted between Addison and
Belmont.  I figured I'd use the L to get to and from
the conference.

Drop me a line if any one is planning on going out for
drinks or coffee after the arrival dinner.

--- Peter Jirak
E: jira0004 at yahoo.com

--- Uri Guttman <uri at stemsystems.com> wrote:

> things are moving along on the arrival dinner menu
> vote. over 40 have
> signed up and i know plenty are coming who haven't
> signed up. you know
> who you are so ADD your name to the list! in
> particular TPF and YAPC
> committee members and such (even josh macadams!)
> have not signed up. we
> know where you live!
> the voting deadline is midnight on sunday june 18. i
> have to call in the
> menu on monday and i will wiki up the winning menu
> after that. we have
> until thursday june 22 to submit a head count.
> 	http://yapcchicago.org/wiki/index.cgi?ArrivalDinner
> and if you are a cheap bastard  :) you can join the
> growing contigent at
> the anti arrival dinner. some thought i would be
> upset about it and
> actually i support it. this is an optional social
> event so do whatever
> you want. hell, all of yapc is optional so go for
> it. but considering
> that the expenses for yapc will be in the $100's for
> most attendees
> (adding in conference fees, travel, dorm, other
> food), $30 more isn't
> too much IMO :).
> you could even go to the same place as the arrival
> dinner and just get a
> table and order from the menu.
> have fun in either event!
> thanx,
> uri
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