[yapc] arrival dinner voting

Uri Guttman uri at stemsystems.com
Wed Jun 14 21:18:23 PDT 2006

>>>>> "JK" == Joey Kelly <joey at joeykelly.net> writes:

  JK> The money wasn't the issue, it's the "party-platter" approach that
  JK> bugged me.  I thought $30 for food I really didn't care to nibble
  JK> on just wasn't what I wanted to do, relatively speaking.

we could have done a sit down dinner but that would be more
expensive. last year we did that at the chinese place in toronto and we
ordered off the menu (and it was much cheaper). the downside was the
tables that ordered first were done with their meals before other tables
were even served. you just can't win with large dinner groups unless you
pay for it somehow (speed, quality, price - pick one! :). ever heard of
the rubber chicken circuit or eaten food at some low priced wedding? :)

  JK> Thanks for not flaming me out of existence, by the way :-)

since you signed up for the async bof, i decided to wait until then to
turn you into a lump of charcoal. :)

  >> you could even go to the same place as the arrival dinner and just get a
  >> table and order from the menu.

  JK> Now that's an excellent idea! Lemme go look at the whole menu,
  JK> maybe the rebel group will agree to "crash" the real dinner.

we will be carding you at the door! actually the party planner mentioned
something about wristbands so get your counterfeit skills sharpened!



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