[yapc] movie info update

Uri Guttman uri at stemsystems.com
Sun Jun 19 20:28:53 PDT 2005

hi to all monger flicksters,

i checked the movie schedules of the nearby plexes and the three popular
geek flix batman, smith and wars are all playing after 10pm. this means
we could easily migrate over to the varsity theaters after the arrival
dinner rol san (which starts at 7). i have updated the movie page with
this info and a map from the restaurant to the varsity at manulife


of course you can go to theaters at any time you want but it is much
merrier movie monitoring midst a mammoth monger mob. maybe at 10pm on
sunday night, we would be able to almost fill a theater and then the
heckling begins. make it so!

topic: do you want to crash bruce, brad or darth? discuss amongst

i will not have seen any of them by yapc time so i will just follow the
democratically chosen cash donation to the media megoliths. show off
your perl-fu by rigging the voting system better than the republicans
did! as always, bribes are encouraged and welcome.

uri, your connection to hollywood.

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