[yapc] Next Sunday may be an interesting time in Toronto

Tom Legrady tom at legrady.ca
Sun Jun 19 14:04:33 PDT 2005

Has anyone mentioned that Sunday, June 26 is the Gay Pride parade,  
and will be a hectic time on the parade route - Bloor from Church to  
Yonge, down Yonge to Gerrard, and back to Church, and anywhere within  
a few miles.

Toronto's Gay Pride parade is one of the largest ... #2 or #3, I  
believe ( S.F. is #1, of course; NY is #2 I think? ) anyway ... one  
million people will b jammed into a small area just a few blocks  
north of the hotel. Go out the front door, turn right to Dundas, and  
right to Yonge, then go left till you hit a wall of noise.

The party extends late into the night.

If you're not familiar with Gay Pride, you don't need to be  
interested in the same sex to enjoy the parade. Like Mardi Gras,  
there are people in outrageous costumes. There are handsome guys and  
gorgeous gals, and plain people, dancing, playing music, and having  
fun. And Canada 'decency' laws requiring women to cover their tops  
were struck down ten years ago as sexist ( thank you, Gwen Jacobs) so  
don't be surprised by what you see.


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