[yapc] Welcome back

Richard Dice rdice at pobox.com
Fri Apr 8 04:39:21 PDT 2005

>   DA> To answer Uri's question about who is in charge of the list,
>   DA> technically it's Jeff Bizbee of YAS, but really since it's
>   DA> Mailman-administered, we should be able to manage our own
>   DA> subscription/unsubscription (see the headers and footer for hints).   
>   DA> If you have mailing-list related questions, feel free to bother
>   DA> Michael Graham, <magog at the-wire.com>, the Communications Czar, or
>   DA> myself, <da at coder.com>, an Official Flunky.

Gerard Lim also has list admin privs.  He's the other 1/2 of the 
communications czardom.  I have Michael working on the "people who are 
already registered", and Gerard on the "communcations to the various 
public lists" end of things.

>   DA> Other questions might be directed at Richard Dice, the main YAPC
>   DA> organizer, but he's really busy so you should probably bother one of
>   DA> us first. :)
> i will bother anyone who i feel like bothering and richard is high on my
> list! actually we have already been bothering each other on irc and
> email but this is now public bothering.

I try to keep myself accessible, and I think I've done a pretty good job 
of doing that so far, but there could (and probably will) be times when 
my attention will be best spent focussing on the 
highest-priority-issue-du-jour.  At that point please trust in the 
various czars, flunkies and other lieutenants I've put together to help 
run the conference to help you as best as possible.


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