[Yapc-na-organizers] Lightning Talk technology for YAPC and maybe PPW?

Todd Rinaldo toddr at null.net
Sat Jun 28 07:26:03 PDT 2008

Yeah, but the problem is rareley plugging it in is it? I know the
problem with my dell laptop and others like it is getting it to
recognize the projector and display properly, which can't be done
until the last minute.

I would suggest the real solution might be to require all talks be
submitted to one laptop and then have someone designated to run that
laptop. The operator is key for this. This year we tried to centralize
the laptop, but then switching back and forth made it so you had to
re-configure the central laptop. Additionally, some people were not
familiar with how to operate the central laptop.

On Sat, Jun 28, 2008 at 12:17 AM, Joshua McAdams
<joshua.mcadams at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> There was some talk about about trying to come up with some technology
>>> that might make the Lightning Talks go more smoothly.
>> Would a VGA switch do?  You can get a four port one for under $10.
>> I'm not sure if you can chain them, but if so, 5 four port switches
>> could be configured to queue up 16 computers before the talks even
>> start.
> There is also a pre-built 16 port VGA switch for $400.  The five
> chained for port ones is much cheaer ($50), but the single has the
> advantage (and disadvantage) of being a single unit.
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