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"Daniel J. Wright" <Dan at DWright.Org> wrote
<Dan> What kind of content would we provide with the professional 
<Dan> What distinguishes it from the rest of the talks (other than the
<Dan> speakers)?

Content for the professional training track would be established courses 
are normally taught elsewhere for a price.  Ie:  Stonehenge, etc.  For
especially long courses, the training might span both a "track" time 
the conference and continue during the (now) traditional master-class 
day slots.

As far as content:  think about what your boss might want, including:
     1)  Master-class content as described above.
     2)  An extended tutorial on Perl Critic, and Perl Best Practices.
     3)  Case studies showing successful implementations of Perl 
          (hopefulling including things like test and maintenance)
     4)  1:1 sessions (additional cost, booking time in a scheduled 
          where a company brings in code, and has it evaluated
          by someone like MJD or Damian.  (You would only have access to
          this service if you have at least one booking at the corporate 
     I'm sure you can think of more ideas than I can!

<Dan> Also, I wonder if this could have the disadvantage of causing some 
of the
<Dan> people that normally talk at YAPC for free to decide they aren't
<Dan> interested in talking unless they are getting paid?

Yes, there would have to be clear entrance-criteria for prsenting in 
this paid
category.  First of all, the presenter would be on the hook for 
presenting 1/2
days worth of content for each day of the conference, and perhaps at 
one day of master-class material before or after the conference.

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