[Yapc-na-organizers] yapc organizers wiki updated

Joshua McAdams joshua.mcadams at gmail.com
Tue Mar 13 19:43:41 PDT 2007

> In the $99 for 3 nights figure, is there a "markup"?  I mean, are you buying
> it for $90 (e.g.) for 3 nights?  I ask because this might not be a bad
> thing, with the markup to try to mitigate expenses for people for whom
> collection of the $99 becomes difficult.  ( I.e. we get stiffed.)

We didn't mark-up for YAPC Chicago, but in retrospect, we should have.
 Even a couple of dollars a night would have offset any losses from
the room shuffling we had to do last-minute.  Good call on this on

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