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Hi guys,
New to the list. I agree with Wade. While I think it's great 4 guys in
Chicago ran the whole event without excessive effort... However! I think it
would be prudent for us to get together and do some hard initial planning on
this with an initial time table and everything. I'm mostly open on the

I would propose a week night within the next 2 weeks, maybe right after work
to tackle the issue. It would allow us to meet face to face and get to know
each other, as well as hammer out a full list of what we're going to need to
accomplish and on what time table. 

3 venues I can think of:
1. Hal-PC (eh! Not excited about dealing with them right now)
2. A Restaurant.
3. Someone's office. I can offer my office for this presumably small group
1111 Fannin downtown. I'd have to let you up to our floor, but I think I can
arrange this. I will ask tomorrow. This would offer us white boards, phone
if necessary, and internet access. 

Jeremy, I've worked the TAMU scene over at HRBB, I'm assuming your schedule
is flexible enough to pull this off, but don't know for sure. How well would
this work for you?

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I've been thinking about what needs to be done to get YAPC::NA completed and
realized that we have a few issues we need to get done before too much

1. List of tasks to complete

   I kind of have a fuzzy sense of things that we need to do, but I don't
   like we've identified the most important tasks or tasks that we can't
   forget if we want to pull this off.

2. Identify responsibilities

   We can't really assign responsibilities, since this will be a
   volunteer-based effort. But we need people to accept responsibility for
   certain aspects of the work so we know who to contact to see where things
   stand. This depends a lot on

3. Getting volunteers

   How do we want to begin the effort of bringing in volunteers to work with
   us on organizing the conference?

I know Jeremy has been doing a lot of work and getting lots of important
stuff done. At present, I'm not really sure where I could help. I know that
it is quite possible to jump in to help and slow down the work Jeremy is

A great example of why we need responsibilities laid out is sponsorship. We
already have a couple of companies asking to sponsor and I don't have a clue
who they should talk to or what the procedure is for setting up a

Do we need to have one of us volunteer to start listing the tasks and
coordinating (kind of doing project management)? Is there some other way we
can keep things from falling through the cracks?

G. Wade
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