[Yapc-na-organizers] Potential organizing structure

Jeremy Fluhmann jeremy at msc.tamu.edu
Wed Sep 6 14:08:57 PDT 2006

On Tuesday, September 05, 2006 10:01 PM, G. Wade Johnson wrote: 

> They organized a set of committees to cover the major pieces of 
> work on the conference. Here's a list of the committees that they 
> used. 
> * Finance 
>   - Might include our sponsorship search. 
> * Brochure 

Someone creative here (unlike me ;-)).  I see this as a marketing area.  It's great that we now have some connections with the Chronicle (and that they're a Perl shop!).  We can hopefully utilize them for some marketing and advertisement.  

> * Facilities 
>   - Big committee, included venue, food, signs, A/V, etc. 

What's good about an area like this is that most of it will be handled by (or coordinated through) UofH.  We'll need to make sure that we have all of the contacts that we need.  I have contacts for food services, University Center, and housing.  We'll also need to get someone from transportation and IT, as well as a few others I'm sure.

> * Materials 
>   - Goodies and bags 

I love goodies! :-)  I know that several of this year's sponsors gave stuff for the swag bags.  I'm not sure if it's something we have to request from them, or if they offer it on their own.

> * Programming 
>   - Handled speakers and such 

Received reply from Damian.  Awaiting reply from Larry.  An area like this is also needed for reviewing 'talk submissions' and organizing the order of talks.  It'll be interesting to see what talks/presentations get submitted.

> * Registration 
> * External Relations/Communications 

Yes, yes, and yes.  I could see this area being the one that talks to hotels, sponsors, etc.  A good people person that can negotiate or knows how to work a deal with hotels, airlines, and the such.  I'm also hoping that we can do the 'job fair' again next year.  It seemed to draw sponsors that yapc wouldn't have drawn otherwise.  I'll check with Josh and Pete to find out what the requirements were for joining the job fair.

> We might want to organize a bit differently, but we probably 
> need to cover a similar range of issues. 

Agreed.  It will be good to have it broken out into all of the areas that we need to cover.  It will make it less overwhelming for potential volunteers.  It should also help us gather more volunteers since they can pick out an area that interests them and contribute as much as they're able.


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