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Pete Krawczyk petek at bsod.net
Tue Nov 7 09:55:43 PST 2006

Subject: Re: [Yapc-na-organizers] use of Camel
From: Richard Dice <richard.dice at gmail.com>
Date: Tue, 7 Nov 2006 12:37:19 -0500

}The answer is explicitly "no."  We do not have permission, nor will
}permission ever be given.  Welcome to the wonderful world of trademark law.
}I had this discussion with O'Reilly's IP lawyer a few years ago.

Actually, we did get permission last year.  We were unable to alter the 
camel in any way, but we were permitted to decorate around it.  The image 
itself underwent a few revisions, but its use was approved in time for the 
t-shirts to be printed as they were.

Here's what O'Reilly Legal said:

>> Under normal circumstances we do not allow alterations of our camel
>> artwork, but we are making an exception to that rule for your proposed
>> design of the YAPC:NA 2006 t-shirt design.
>> This one-time permission is granted under the assumption that you will
>> only print the design on t-shirts to be given away as part of the
>> conference.

}Which isn't to say that a camel can't be used at all.  You just can't use
}the O'Reilly Perl Camel. (You know the one I mean.)  You can make your own
}camel and use it.

Actually, you got away with that because it was a camoose, not a camel.  
To wit, here's O'Reilly's official disclaimer:

}But, on another point -- don't forget, The Camel is an O'Reilly Perl thing.
}The Perl Foundation uses an Onion logo.  Maybe Onion adaptations is what
}should be aimed for.

I would second this wholeheartedly.

-Pete K
Pete Krawczyk
  petek at bsod dot net

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