[Yapc-na-organizers] use of Camel

Richard Dice richard.dice at gmail.com
Tue Nov 7 09:37:19 PST 2006

> Does anyone know if Yet Another Society / YAPC organizers have
> permission to use the camel in association with YAPC conferences, or
> do we need to ask for permission each year?

The answer is explicitly "no."  We do not have permission, nor will
permission ever be given.  Welcome to the wonderful world of trademark law.
I had this discussion with O'Reilly's IP lawyer a few years ago.

Which isn't to say that a camel can't be used at all.  You just can't use
the O'Reilly Perl Camel. (You know the one I mean.)  You can make your own
camel and use it.  Here is the one we came up with for Toronto's YAPC a few
years ago:


On this subject, does anyone have any Texas/Houston specific ideas
> that might be fun to incorporate into this year's logo/t-shirt?

Perhaps you could make a "Carmadillo"?

But, on another point -- don't forget, The Camel is an O'Reilly Perl thing.
The Perl Foundation uses an Onion logo.  Maybe Onion adaptations is what
should be aimed for.

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