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2000年 9月 4日 (月) 21:03:12 CDT




> They need to add the letters "TM" very small near
> the camel's back foot whenever they use the camel
> image on any printed or online materials. If they
> use the camel image on anything like a brochure or
> a poster, they will also need to include our trademark
> line:


$B @ bL@$rF~$l$F$/$@$5$$!#(B
	The relationship between Perl and the image of a camel
	is a trademark of O'Reilly & Associates, Inc. Used
	with permission.

> This line can be in very small text, but it _must_
> appear on anything larger than a business card. The
> TM near the camel's back leg must appear with _all_ uses.

$B$3$N @ bL@$O$H$F$b>.$5$/$F$h$$$G$9$,!"L>;I$h$jBg$-$$%5%$%:$N$b$N$K(B


$B$H$$$&$o$1$G!"L>;I$N$i$/$@$N8eB-$N6a$/$K(BTM$B$r$D$1$F$/$@$5$$(B > $BLZB<$5$s!"$+$J(B?


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