[Tokyo.pm] Meet the monger in Tokyo

Jose Gabriel J Marcelino gabriel @ maquina.com
2000年 10月 19日 (木) 20:51:46 CDT

On Tue, Oct 17, 2000 at 08:28:48PM +0900, maeda @ tokyo.pm.org wrote:
> Hello again,
> We just decided the restaurant.
> It's a Japanese-style bar(izakaya) called "Tofuro".
> It is located at eastern area of Shinjuku.
> I've heard it has good "soba noodle" and sushi.
>    Their web page: http://www.ramla.net/tofuro/
>    Map:            http://www.ramla.net/tofuro/map/sinjuku.html
> We set our gathering point in front of the "Studio ALTA",
> but I think it is not very good point for foreigners.
> I'll come to your hotel and pick you up at 18:30.
> I should call your room from the front desk.


Thanks for your help! I'll be here at the hotel then. 

See you soon!



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