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Thu Apr 3 17:34:52 PDT 2014

I am a tools programmer at Isilon/EMC located in Pioneer square.  Our team
needs folks to help us design, code, fix and maintain our software tool

We have several open positions including

* Contract (6 month):  Database administrator:

  - Migrate several mysql DBs from 5.0 to a modern version

  - Setup shadow DB for reporting.  Setup a reliable backup scheme

* Full time

  - Support our custom in house build and test system, large and busy SVN and
    git repos, customized bug reporting system.

We are looking for smart people, with real world software development and
system experience.  We use Perl, python for our tools, and C++ and python
in our product.  We are a highly open source shop; you can choose your
desktop of choice (and plan to be your own sys admin too).

I am not a recruiter.  I am not privy to the exact details for compensation,
but they are competitive with the local economy of SW devs.  Benefits are
excellent, and compare favorably to any company in town.  This is a Seattle
position, and we do *NOT* do very much work from home.

*Isilon Systems*, is computer hardware and software company that makes and
sells clustered file systems[1]; giant disk arrays that present as seamless,
scalable filesystems.

If this results in a placement, I may make a referral bonus.  I will give you
a beer*.  Please contact fred.kleindenst {at} isilon.com with your resume, and
several sentence explaining how you can contribute.   I will do minimal sanity
screening and submit any viable candidates to the company.  Feel free to ask
any questions to me.

[1] - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clustered_file_system

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