SPUG: JOB: (Seattle, contract) Completing an E-Commerce Checkout Payment Flow

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Tue Apr 1 17:15:35 PDT 2014

Hi, Perl Devs-

We have a project that two friends helped on and nearly got done before
each got too busy with their day gig projects.  It's pretty close to done
and could use some help wrapping up.


 - The Purple Store (www.thepurplestore.com).  Everything we sell is purple.
   Online and walk-in retail selling purple men's/women's clothing, furniture,
   jewelry, kitchen, electrical tape, etc.

Skills Needed:

 - Solid Perl, a bit of JavaScript


 - Contract (1099) directly with us, 5-15 hours, $20-50 per hour depending on
   experience (and perhaps how quickly you tend to code and get things done). 


 - Seattle (Greenlake/Fremont) though most work can be done off-site.  We
   STRONGLY prefer someone locally based in the Seattle area, please.  If we
   do meet on-site, we're located at 7616 Aurora Ave N, Seattle, WA  98103.


 - Finishing an e-commerce payment steps flow to integrate with PayPal's
   back-end for thepurplestore.com.  Major bits are most done, just needs
   final plumbing together, testing, and adding a couple of features.


 - Soon.  This week if possible.

Time Needed:

 - From what I understand, it's about 3-4 real Perl coding hours remaining for
   the basics on this and a few extra hours for some other features if we can
   get to them, plus a bit of handoff time to get familiar with what's in the


 - I'm Perl conversant (having built part of the less-pretty parts of the
   code) and can be a reference.  Both previous devs would be available to
   explain what the heck they did and I know most of the logic, so you
   wouldn't be in the dark.

A Few Details:

We're hoping to redo the front-end of our website soon and will be
improving the back-end at the same time.  Our current code is Perl +
Postgresql and we'll either be improving that and adding some missing
features (accounts, etc.) or ditching it for some open source or other
cart system.

In the meantime, our checkout payment approach is stupid.  It sends the
customer off-site to PayPal, sometimes returning them after payment, and
scares a lot of non-PayPal users away.  We can't afford to redo the
website until we boost some cash and that means bringing the payment
system on-site.  This will both improve conversions and let us measure
pay-per-click conversions so we can improve the ads we're running.

You'd need to look over what's there, activate a few features done but not
being triggered, and add two or three more things (such as an API for
address verification) if they're not yet in there. Most of the PayPal
integration, as I understand it, is already done.  Then we'd help with
testing and you'd debug.

I've got staff sitting here begging me to get this live ASAP.  While we
can't afford a ton right now this is a priority for us so we'd like to pay
someone (rather than have a friend do it when they can) a reasonable
amount so they can prioritize it.  I'd greatly prefer a Seattle-based dev
rather than someone out of town or abroad, please.  Hopefully someone who
knows people I know, etc.

Please let me know if you or someone you love would fit this and what your
background and skill levels are.  Happy to work out project and
compensation details together.

For e-mail your reply, including a quick description of your background
and (candid) assessment of your Perl and JavaScript skills, to hireme
_-/AT/-_ thepurplestore.com.

Thanks much. 

 - Adam

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