SPUG: Beyond WWW::Mechanize (i.e. AJAX)

michaelrwolf at att.net michaelrwolf at att.net
Fri Feb 24 11:38:28 PST 2012

I've been a very satisfied user of Mech for years (Thanks Andy - it's a great 
example of good interface design, and thus a highly usable module)... but alas, 
as my web scraping code evolved to 'button-pushing-mode' it turns out that the 
submit button does *not* submit a HTTP request, but rather invokes an AJAX-ish 

    <form onsubmit='A.B.C.yada_yada(this); return false;" ...>
        <input .../>
        <input .../>
        <input type="submit" value="1-click yada yada"/>

I *can* fill in the form and click() the button, but since Mech doesn't do 
JavaScript, I'm up the proverbial creek.  

What's a Mech fan to do?
 * For real in production?
 * For mock in testing?

Michael R. Wolf
____MichaelRWolf at att.net
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