SPUG: post processing PDF files to create internal links

Richard Wood wildwood_players at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 1 13:16:08 PST 2011

I am trying to post process a PDF file to add the ability to link from certain 
text on pages of the PDF file to either a specific page in the PDF file or 
better yet, a specific location on a specific page in the PDF file (highlighting 
the word on that page)

I am thinking that PDF/Reuse.pm will help me accomplish this, but I am wondering 
if anyone has experience with accomplishing something like this.

An abstract example would be to find all occurrences of a set of words in a 
document and enable the user to click on any of those occurrences and jump to a 
definition section in the PDF file where that word is defined.

Even better, would be the ability to have the definitions in a separate PDF that 
would open in a separate browser or tab of a browser so that the user could 
maintain position in the source document while having the definition navigation 
in the other document.


Rich Wood
 Richard O. Wood
Wildwood IT Consultants, Inc.
wildwood_players at yahoo.com
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