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Gabor Szabo szabgab at gmail.com
Wed Feb 9 00:38:33 PST 2011


I have not seen an announcement on this list regarding the LinuxFest Northwest.
>From where I am it looks like a cool event and it looks SPUG is one of
the closest PM group.

Is any of you planning to attend?

Maybe you'd want to setup a Perl or SPUG.pm info desk?


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Date: Tue, Feb 8, 2011 at 1:30 AM
Subject: [Fest-list] Get involved in LinuxFest Northwest 2011
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For the 12th year, LinuxFest Northwest 2011 is happening April 30th
and May 1st.

LinuxFest Northwest is a community event, organized by a team of
volunteers. Its success depends on participation. We are asking the
Free&Open Source Software community to get involved.

*Present* at the Fest on a project that you use or contribute to.
Share your experiences with potential users, connect with other
contributors, or find collaborators on a new idea. Presentations add
value for everyone involved, including you. If you don't want to
present, perhaps you know of someone who could. Or if you have
something to say that won't take an hour, check out the Lightning
Talks session. For more information, email
present at linuxfestnorthwest.org.

*Exhibit* and get your messages to a select audience. Whether you
represent a F&OSS non-profit, a college or a company that sells to
technical users, the low key exhibits are effective marketing.
Exhibitors are a key component of the community. For more information,
email exhibit at linuxfestnorthwest.org.

*Sponsor* LinuxFest Northwest to show visible support for the F&OSS
community and receive valuable exposure in return. The Fest attracts
attendees from California to British Columbia, and has international
recognition. Free admission depends on funding and support provided
primarily by sponsors. If your company depends on open source
technology (no matter where it is located), please consider an LFNW
sponsorship as a way to give back. New this year, individual
supporters can pre-pay discretionary Fest expenses online. For more
information, email sponsor at linuxfestnorthwest.org.

There are buttons on the front page of linuxfestnorthwest.org to join
in the effort.

In past years, Fest organizers have received information and feedback
from area User Groups and attendees about ways to improve. The online
forums (under the Community tab on the front page) are intended to
generate discussions and make connections as the Fest approaches. If
there is a subject that you would like to hear about, please post to
the “Sessions” forum, and if you'd like to present, that's a place to
get some ideas.

Please help *Spread the Word*. Let people know that you are part of
LinuxFest Northwest through social sites, blogs, Twitter, forums,
mailing lists. Word of mouth is the main way that people discover
LFNW. Do someone a favor; tell them about the Low Stress Fest.

This message will also be sent to the LFNW Fest-List. If you are
subscribed at the LFNW website AND the Fest-List, you will receive
both copies. Most communication for LFNW 2011 will be done through the
website, although some messages will also be distributed to Fest-List.
There are unsubscribe instructions at both locations.

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