SPUG: 2011 Cascadia IT Conference early bird registration ends Feb 16 (1 week)

Paul English penglish1 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 9 21:57:21 PST 2011

Fri/Sat March 11, 12, 2011

Early Bird Registration until February 16 (only one week from now)!
Save yourself or your employer some professional development money and
register now:


The premier opportunity this year to meet Information Technology
experts and get the inside track on one of the hottest regions for IT
in the world. Talks, presentations, poster sessions, lightning talks
and DIY unconference sessions will be available. Exchange ideas, learn
and enjoy "Hallway track" networking with other conference
participants and speakers.

We are also still looking for sponsors - talk to your marketing
department, vendors and even customers if you think they might be
interested. There are still some high profile opportunities:


There are longer sessions scheduled for "Perl Fundamentals" and "Perl
Tips" but I am sure there is still plenty of room for targetted
Lightning Talks (5 minutes) and Poster sessions. Short talks on say, a
specific rich perl module would be excellent!

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