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Tim Maher tim at consultix-inc.com
Tue Sep 28 08:22:33 PDT 2010

On Mon, Sep 27, 2010 at 03:55:19PM -0700, C.J. Adams-Collier KF7BMP wrote:
> I also enjoyed the presentations given by Tim Maher at various SPUG
> meetings.  He runs a company that does training, and I'd highly
> recommend him as well.  Grab his book.  I reviewed chapter 3 :)
> http://teachmeperl.com/
> http://minimalperl.com/
> I hope this helps,
> C.J.

Thanks for the kind words, CJ!

Here's our latest schedule of public classes in the Seattle area,
followed by our latest announcement to our customers:

          TITLE               DATES   Days
   Shell Programming        10/25-10/27  3
   UNIX/Linux Utilities     10/28-10/29  2
   Perl Programming         11/15-11/17  3
   Using Perl Modules       11/18        1
   UNIX/Linux Fundamentals  11/29-12/02  4
   Intermediate Perl        12/07-12/09  3
   Adv. Shell Programming   12/13-12/16  4
From: Tim Maher, Consultix 
  Re: Contract Programming and Tutoring


What should an IT manager do when all staff programmers are
already overworked, but a team /really/ needs to have an existing
program modified *right away*, or to have a critical new program written
from scratch ASAP? A practical option can be to subcontract the
software development work to an outside expert.

That's where we come in, because Consultix has highly qualified
programmers with decades of experience available to help you.

Our areas of expertise include the UNIX/Linux utility programs, the
Perl language, the Bourne, Korn, Bash, and POSIX shell languages,
and popular tools such as mySQL, Perl's CGI module, and the
Template Toolkit.

So whether you need to modify a *grep* or *sed* command that has a
seemingly incomprehensible wild-card pattern, convert an ancient AWK
program to Perl, port a Shell script from UNIX to Linux, add new
features to a CGI script, or create a UNIX/Linux Shell script from
scratch, we can help.

See http://consultix-inc.com/contract_programming.html for details on
this service.


In cases where it's not practical for corporate employees to attend
multiple consecutive full days of off-site training, or to wait a month
for the next scheduled public class for the training you need, we can
help! Specifically, we can provide any of our standard classes to
groups as small as /one person/ on your schedule, at your location,
using our Tutoring service!

So consider joining organizations such as the City of Seattle,
International Paper, AT&T, and Research in Motion in using this
increasingly popular training service from Consultix.

See http://consultix-inc.com/tutoring.html for details.


As always, let us know which classes you're interested in and we'll do
our best to put them on our schedule at a time convenient for you! Or
call to discuss the possibility of an on-site class at your location.

See http://consultix-inc.com/courses for our complete list of courses.

The Fall class schedule follows below.

Best wishes,
-Tim Maher
(206) 781-8649

General Information:

Public Training Classes:

On-Site Training:


Contract Programming:

Course Listings:
        Perl,       http://teachmeperl.com/perllist.html
        UNIX/Shell, http://teachmeunix.com/unixlist.html

Registration and Pricing: http://consultix-inc.com/register.html
  Instructor Evaluations: http://consultix-inc.com/evals.html
      Course Evaluations: http://consultix-inc.com/course_evals.html

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