SPUG: Let's host a YAPC (Or at least talk about it)

Jonathan Hogue jon at hogue.org
Mon Oct 18 06:32:22 PDT 2010

I'll help :-)

I'm in Columbus, OH, and helped with 2010. I would love another excuse to
spend more time in Seattle.
On Oct 18, 2010 1:19 AM, "Michael R. Wolf" <MichaelRWolf at att.net> wrote:
> While staffing the booth for The Perl Foundation at OSCON this year, I got
to chatting with Chris Prather. He's hosted a few Perl Oasis conferences and
is heading up YAPC::NA 2011 (in Asheville, NC). He knows a *LOT* about what
it takes to propose a YAPC and make it happen.
> And I started thinking that since Seattle is such a great place, that we
could share some SPUGliness with the rest of the wider Perl community.
> My scheming went something like this. Instead of us making a bid with no
expertise (completely cold), perhaps we could create a "sister city"
arrangement where we could assist the Asheville team as "interns" so that
we'd warm up and know what we needed to know when it comes to Seattle.
> My modeling is akin to the joke about how surgeons get qualified to do an
> 1. Watch one
> 2. Assist one
> 3. Do one
> There are plenty of folks in SPUG who have achieved step 1.
> And there are even folks who have achieved step 2. (And even a newcomer to
the area with significant experience. Welcome new SPUGer.)
> Are we ready for step 3?
> We've got a deep Perl culture here, and a great destination city. And
it'll happen in 2012!
> Augustina said she'd welcome the opportunity to couple another talk with
hers. I'll volunteer to lead a discussion at the meeting, sharing what I
learned about how to pitch, manage, finance, and run a YAPC. Please come
with some ideas. No commitments necessary now. Just looking for a read on
the pulse.
> Michael
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