SPUG: standard way for a web app to handle incoming email?

Skylos skylos at gmail.com
Tue Mar 2 16:42:28 PST 2010

You can run a polling daemon that uses Net::SMTP and Net::POP and the like
to poll the remote server and download the emails, parse them up.  Is that
what you mean?

On a unix system you can often set up a .forward file consisting of  '|
program.pl' that will cause the delivery agent to launch the program and
pipe the email message to it, but it doesn't sound ike you have the ability
to be a program on the mail server.  That being the case a remote polling is
more in order.


On Tue, Mar 2, 2010 at 4:38 PM, Phil Mitchell <phil at 2people.org> wrote:

> For my perl/catalyst web app, Bikewise.org, we want to automate the process
> of receiving updates from users via email. IOW, user sends email to
> update at bikewise.org and we parse the contents and update the database
> accordingly.
> As I sat down to think this through, I realized I have no idea how this is
> done. The app is hosted on a virtual server, and relies on a separate mail
> server that's run by my hosting provider. Do I need access to the raw mail
> files on the server? Is there a standard way to set this up?
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> Bikewise: http://www.bikewise.org
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