SPUG: If you could represent Perl at OSCON...

Michael R. Wolf MichaelRWolf at att.net
Thu Jul 22 00:03:31 PDT 2010

Part of what I'm doing at OSCON is to staff the booth for The Perl Foundation.  Since it takes a community, here's your opportunity to help...

Although it's my body at the booth, I'd like to represent ideas of the community (i.e. you).

 * How would you answer the fairly common question of "What's up with Perl?" to various levels of participants (e.g. Perl illiterate; curious; newbie; 1st time OSCONer; seasoned, but unconnected Perl hacker).  Remember, this is a marketing opportunity to be an ambassador, and that it should include a 1-2 year perspective.

 * What should TPF be learning from these same folks?

Independently of OSCON, how would you like to see TPF serve members (and not-yet-members) of the Perl community?


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