SPUG: when is 5.10 not > 5.8?

Michael R. Wolf MichaelRWolf at att.net
Wed Jan 16 18:07:20 PST 2008

> yep, backward compatible to any perl 5.x. the 5.8.8 thing probably
> happened as a side effect of vstrings--a horrid half-man half-beast
> that ultimately did not survive. ghosts remain, however.

Fortunately, the documentation hints at (but is not as heavy-handed as the
term "horridness" would require) that the first (and second) forms should be

        use v5.6.1;         # compile time version check
        use 5.6.1;          # ditto
        use 5.006_001;      # ditto; preferred for backwards compatibility

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